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Wide Array of Surgical Services.

We have a reputation in the community as an exemplary surgical facility offering a wide array of services ranging from the very basic spay and neuter services and many minor surgical procedures, to extremely complex corrective cancer, reconstructive, and orthopedic surgeries.

Drs. John Agostini, DVM and Randall Fitch, ACVS (American College of Veterinary Surgeons-Board Certified) perform the more complex operations at San Clemente Veterinary Hospital. They utilize a team approach when necessary.

Orthopedic injuries are common in dogs and cats. We offer a complete package of surgical remedies ranging from ligament restoration such as ACL (cruciate rupture), ligament restoration from traumatic injuries, and wide variety of fracture repair methods to meet the demands of our patients. Drs Agostini and Fitch routinely perform these procedures at our office.

Emergency surgeries are also a routine practice at our hospital. Dr. John Agostini is extensively trained and experienced in veterinary emergency surgery and critical care. Be assured that we are a “go-to” choice if your pet is suddenly distressed or critically injured in an accident. He is always on-call to perform necessary life-saving operations.

Success Rate.

Our success rate is extremely high even with the complex and critical patient. Of course, there are many variables including whether or not a disease is cureable vs. controllable. You will always be well informed of the prognosis, potential complications, and cost options when electing to perform surgery on your pet. Dr Fitch is a board-certified surgical specialist and can perform or consult on any operation that we do.

Lower Cost.

Most animal hospitals don’t perform the type of surgeries listed above and refer you to a specialty hospital where costs are the highest in our industry. We are more able to contain costs and therefore offer the above procedures and many that are not listed at a significant savings to you without compromising outcome.


Of course, we can’t perform every surgical procedure. There are many cutting edge techniques that are only available at a specialty hospital. We know the right people in our area and can refer you to the best specialist for your particular problem.