We all know how much you love your pet. We also know how much they miss you when you go away. Put your mind at ease by boarding your pet in an environment that emphasizes safety and cleanliness. Know that your pet will be observed by caring staff, in a clean, warm, loving, and fun environment.
All pets are observed daily by our nursing staff and those with special needs can be accommodated by our full-service hospital. Medical problems that arise will be recognized early and be promptly attended to. We make every effort to contact you before anything is done so that you are kept in-the-loop.

Pets love staying with us. Many of them pull their owners through the front door! Because of this, we have a waiting list for holidays and busy travel weekends.
Cats are given a morning wake up scratch, fresh food and water, and a fresh litter pan. Bird watching and fresh food and litter on demand (It doesn’t get any better than this!)
All cats must be on a flea preventative prior to boarding at our hospital.

10% discount applied to all stays over 10 days.
Additional discounts may be available for longer stays.
Dogs have our roof deck to romp and chase a ball or soak up a little sun. We do not co-mingle dogs so that fights and injuries are prevented.
Morning – walk and playtime with our animal caretaker, and breakfast
Noon – another walk or playtime on the roof deck
Night – Dinner is served and another walk is given before bedtime

All dogs must be on a flea preventative prior to boarding at our hospital.
All dogs are given a complimentary bath after 3 nights of stay and a 50% bath discount anytime during stay.
10% discount applied to all stays over 10 days.
Additional discounts are available for longer stays.

– Caring and compassionate doctors and nursing staff
– State-of-the-art medical and surgical facility
– Strict health requirements and flea control insure your pet’s protection from disease and parasites
– Lower infectious disease rates than the typical kennel.
– Temperature controlled
– Security system with fire safe sprinkler system
– Huge ocean view, rooftop, play-deck
– Natural lighting from windows and skylights
– View room for cats
– High quality diets and tummy upset treatment at no extra charge
– One-on-one play time with their caretaker


Questions & Answers
Where can I find useful information about my pet?

INTERNET & OUR ADVICE. The internet is an incredible resource for modern pet owners. Unfortunately, there is much to be desired about some of the advice you can find which can serve to confuse your understanding of a particular topic. Our best advice to you is to avoid “blogs” that are written by breeders and breed fanciers. They may have a passion for a particular topic, but typically fall short of “truth”. We like a particular website called It is managed by the Veterinary Information Network or (VIN) which is an international veterinary learning community. You can be assured that the material there is what we call evidence based, meaning that science and research backs up the statements made there. You can search most any medical topic for multiple species. LICENSED VETS. Any licensed veterinarian has done their homework and can claim to be an expert in animal health care. It takes the average vet 8 to 9 years of college to complete their education. Once course work is finished, we are subjected to both national and state board exams and must pass these tests in order to practice. Veterinarians are your best information resource. Lastly, don’t be hesitant about calling the office with your questions. There is always someone on staff who can cheerfully give you the answers that you need!

There are a lot of vets in our area, what sets you apart from them?

LOCATION. Our location allows for easy freeway access. So getting here is a breeze! DOCTORS. All of the primary care doctors who work here seeing patients has had at least one year of specialty training at a referral hospital and/or is a board certified specialist. You can be assured that they are using all of the newest and best diagnostic & treatment plans when your pet is ill. EMERGENCY CARE. Emergency and Critical Care as well as surgery is another area we really stand out from the average hospital.

How can I help my pet be healthy but not spend a lot of money?

Some pets never seem to get sick and others have nothing but trouble throughout their lives. Be prepared for some maintenance costs for: Annual examination – This allows the doctor to find problems early so that small remedies can be employed. Dental Cleaning – This is usually needed every 2-4 years for the average pet and if kept up with, it will protect your pets teeth from diseases and painful problems. Baths often – Especially if your pet has itchy allergies, bathing as often as once or twice a week can be very helpful. Parasite control – Fleas and internal parasites are easily prevented by simple monthly medications that have been proven safe. Outside risks – Rattlesnakes in the hills commonly bite pets. Stay clear of areas where they live. Also, avoid exercise on hot days. Your pets cannot cool down like people do and are subject to overheating. For Cats keep them indoors – they are good at finding trouble when they live outside.

What should I feed my pet?

There is no simple answer to this question. I typically advise people to pick a food that is affordable, easy to get, and well tolerated by your pet. Unfortunately, everyone has a passionate opinion about pet food. As far as I am concerned there is no cure for all disease with your food choice. We as veterinarians have diet plans that help control certain medical problems such as diabetes, urinary tract disorders, intestinal issues, and obesity. A healthy pet food need not be an expensive or “hypoallergenic” food as it does nothing to prevent disease.

How can I be sure my aging pet is healthy?

A wellness visit is just what you need to set your mind at ease. This includes a chest x-ray, full blood panel, urine test, abdominal ultrasound (very important in again dogs), blood pressure check, and a thorough physical exam. Ninety-nine percent of problems will be uncovered by this screening (we cannot investigate the brain however as we do not have MRI at our facility). The entire package above is only available to animals without symptoms.

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