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As a pet owner, you have a variety of ways in which you can get your prescription filled or refilled.

On Site.

On site: We have our own pharmacy with "pedigreed" products that come from our medical distributors. The benefits of using our pharmacy include limited waiting time, accuracy in dosing, and a full manufacturer's warranty for safety and efficacy of the product purchased.

Please call ahead 24-48 hours and your Rx will be prepared before your arrival.



We have allied with our main medical distributor (Victor Medical) to provide another "pedigreed" source for medication refills that may be more convenient for internet shoppers and at lower cost. Simply log on to, set up your account and purchase the product or products you need. An e-mail is sent to our office and the request is approved as is appropriate. After approval, the product is shipped to your door.

Products purchased from other on-line sources are not pedigreed and are subject to counterfeiting, thus manufacturer warranties will not be available. Buyer beware. Warnings from FDA are prevalent about on-line pharmacies both human and animal.

Written Prescriptions.

Finally, written prescriptions are always available to you on request.
A prescription refill may be denied if your pet has not been seen within a state mandated period of time.


These products also have full manufacturer warranty because they come from a legitimate supplier. Pricing is set up to be very competitive with other on-line pharmacies and free shipping is available.

**A drug pedigree is a new regulatory method employed by FDA in order to combat drug counterfeiting that has become prevalent in recent years due to internet sales of pharmaceuticals. A pedigreed product assures you that you are getting a product that is not counterfeit, and has been stored properly to preserve potency and will be warranteed by the manufacturer

The Veterinary Practice Act in California stipulates that an existing "doctor-client-patient" relationship must exist for us to authorize refills on prescription drugs. It is further stipulated that a pet must have been seen within one year for prescription refills. There are times when an owner feels confident that all they need is another round of antibiotics for the skin infection the pet was treated for 8 months prior. This type of request may be declined because of the potential for change in the pets' condition. Eye problems are another problem area. Medication prescribed for "pink- eye" 6 months prior could lead to loss of an eye if an ulcer or glaucoma is present. Please know that we will always refill reasonable prescription requests. If the owners’ assessment is possibly inaccurate, we are likely to advise an exam before the refill is approved.