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Pet Insurance

Recommended Plans:

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Pet Plan Pet Insurance


Pet Health Insurance.

Pet insurance helps make vet bills affordable.
We want you and your pets to have the best coverage and health care available.

At San Clemente Veterinary Hospital, we recommend pet health insurance to nearly all our clients. It’s a great way to help budget for pet health care costs and protect you financially in the case of a pet’s unexpected accident or illness.

Pet health insurance can help to provide peace of mind knowing you may have help with future vet bills. Pet insurance plans can typically include reimbursement for:

  • * Emergency Visits, Prescriptions, Lab Tests
  • * Exams Cancer Hospitalization
  • * Surgery X-rays and more…

Pet insurance has come of age!! We highly advocate that you insure your pets health by purchasing a plan today.

There are now many available policies to choose from.. It is really wise to shop for the policy that best meets the needs of your budget and your treatment philosophy.

The following guidelines may be helpful:

If you want very comprehensive coverage, look at policies offered by “Healthy Paws” and “Trupanion”. These companies are the only ones currently available that cover up to 90% of all expenses (minus your deductible) and do not limit the amount of payout per incident ot lifetime.

Alternatively, other policies such as “Pet Plan”, “Pet’s Best”, “VPI”, “ASPCA” have a buy-up style of underwriting. These policies can fall short when major expenses occur if you choose the lowest premium they have. They can have claim caps which limit the payout per incident .

Most vet bills are under $300.00…but major medical/surgical problems such as intestinal blockages that require surgery, cancer treatment, vehicular injuries, dog attacks warranting reconstructive surgery, snakebites etc. can all cost thousands of dollars to treat. In the big scheme of things, more coverage is cheap to acquire.

We suggest the following web link which compares major pet insurance carriers:

**Not all pet insurance are alike, so do your research. We do not advocate any one company, but have placed some links on this site for your convenience. They will guide you to comparable and affordable pet health insurance companies, that we feel deliver good value.