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New Pet Package

New Pet Package

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Any animal that is adopted from a shelter organization regardless of location is eligible for a FREE examination and consultation by one of our doctors. Some of these animals come with a more complex medical history and need follow-up care. Others are healthy and need nothing more than the opportunity to meet our caring staff.

Please bring a copy of all medical documents that the shelter provided to you so that we can incorporate the data into your new pet’s record.

Pet Store or Breeder Purchases.

Please refer to puppy or kitten Wellness Packages. These packages are designed to care for a puppy or kitten from the adoption age of 6 to 8 weeks up to adulthood. These cover all expenses for wellness care to include vaccines, wormings, parasite detection, and physical exams. They also qualify your pet for low cost spay or neuter services at our award winning facility.

Always bring all documentation of vaccines, wormings, and medical care provided up to that point. It is also best to provide a fresh stool specimen as puppies and kittens often have intestinal parasites which we will need to diagnose and treat.

Congratulations on your new pet!!!