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Welcome to San Clemente Veterinary Hospital’s new website!


We are very excited to share with our long loyal customers a new platform that will better serve and administer valuable information to pet owners. Our new website has many useful tips and guidance on a variety of pet questions, as well as, detailed information about the services we offer. Find great deals on our ‘Special Offers’ page or browse to our search icon at the top left of every page to easily search and find what you are looking for. Be sure to check back for new information and useful pet articles on our ‘Blog’ page. We will also keep you informed about anything new changes and news for San Clemente Veterinary Hospital on our ‘Fresh News’ page.


Events are now just a click away on our home page! We will be hosting or sponsoring a variety of events throughout the year that we would love to inform pet owners about! When a new event is listed, simply click to join and fill out a small bit of information to let us know you will be coming!

Pet insurance information is listed under our ‘Insurance’ page.

This will have everything you need to know about the insurance companies we recommend and web links to get started. We also have great information about payment plans and loyalty rewards on our ‘Special Offers’ page.


With all of the positive changes we will be making in the future as we grow to better our services, we would love to hear from anyone who has a comment, question, or suggestion about what they would like to see change! You can contact us by clicking our customer service email listed at the bottom of every page or find us on Facebook, we would love to chat!

Have a great summer, and spread the love!

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