“My 12-year-old golden retriever was exhibiting symptoms of arthritis in his legs and I expressed concern to Dr. Heller at SC Vet about his ability to stand and walk. She suggested we try acupuncture and herbal supplements. Gradually over time his condition improved beginning with once a week acupuncture treatment to his current regime of once a month. I would highly recommend this avenue of treatment with Dr. Heller for pets suffering from pain and she has a very gentle and caring manner.”
– Cynthia W.


“Our 10 year old chihuahua, Guapo, has suffered with a lot of back problems. A year ago, they escalated to the point where he was screaming in pain and lost the use of his back legs. He was put on steroids and pain medication, enabling him to move around, but he was still uncomfortable and the steroids had some difficult side effects. He began seeing Dr. Heller, and she helped him immensely. We have been able to take him off of the steroids and the pain medications. He is happy, comfortable, and goes for long walks every day. She has worked a miracle with him. He sees her regularly, and we can all see the relief on him after a session of acupuncture with her. She is helping him live a normal life without the damaging effects of steroids, and we are so grateful for that.”
– Lauren S.


“I am a very private person; and, not one who participates in contests, polls, or testimonials. However, when someone or something so tremendously affects your life as to create security and peace where there once was nothing but fear and financial hardship… even the most private person is compelled to speak out.

My experience with Dr. Jacqueline Heller has been exactly that kind of experience.

When I first encountered Dr. Heller, I was already at what I imagined was the end of a long battle for the life of my beloved four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Bridget. Two years prior, Bridget had been diagnosed with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. That’s a fancy diagnosis for a very scary and messy disease. Bridget would hemorrhage bloody diarrhea, until she could no longer stand. She once went from five to three pounds, in three days, from blood loss and dehydration. The round-the-clock emergency veterinary bills were unbelievable. But, the worst part of it all was no one had any idea how to avoid it. We were continually changing Bridget’s food and medications. But, nothing seemed to help for more than a month, or so.

It was during one of these horrid “episodes” that the vet we were supposed to see was busy with an emergency. So, Dr. Heller was handling that doctor’s appointments. After hearing my long, sad tale, Dr. Heller asked if I knew anything about raw food diets and the wonderful results being experienced by otherwise hopeless cases. I told her no and said I was willing to try anything. Even in the face of Dr. Heller’s optimism and enthusiasm, I was beyond skeptical. Was it even possible that in a matter of minutes this doctor knew what to do to save my Bridget? My doubt was overwhelming. But, she did seem extremely bright and knowledgeable. And, being given hope (instead of a euthanasia form to sign) was so much more than what I had expected.

Bridget has been under Dr. Heller’s care ever since. And, she has had no hemorrhagic episodes. None! Dr. Heller is highly intelligent, congenial, and always available for questions. She always takes time to listen and explain fully. And, she never rushes through an appointment. It is so very important to have a doctor you can count on, when you have a baby that can be seriously ill at a moment’s notice. And, to know that doctor will answer your call… know who your pet is… know it’s history… know what to do… and follow-up a short time later. Well, those things are not only rare… they are almost impossible to find these days. Dr. Heller truly cares about her patients and their owners. They matter to her.

Doctor Jacqueline Heller is a bright and shiny precious gem among a world of costume jewelry. If you are lucky enough to be the owner of one of her patients… you are lucky indeed!”
– Teresa L.

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