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Cat being cared for at San Clemente Veterinary Hospital

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Emergency Care.

There is nothing worse than having a pet in distress and not knowing where to turn. Emergencies happen at any time of the day or night. San Clemente Veterinary Hospital is well equipped and staffed to handle any form of emergency that your pet may have. All of the doctors on staff have emergency medicine training and will work as a team to diagnose and stabilize your pet.


In an urgent situation, time is of the essence and an accurate diagnosis is the most important part of the treatment plan. We have a comprehensive laboratory that can provide blood cell counting, electrolytes, and blood chemistry analysis on site. We also have diagnostic cytology and coagulation testing, skilled ultrasound and digital radiography services, oxygen, temperature and humidity controlled environmental cage, blood transfusion products, emergency drugs, rattlesnake anti-venin, and the staffing to deliver state of the art life- saving care.

If emergency surgery is necessary for an injury, fracture, internal bleeding, obstruction of the urinary tract or bowel, animal attack, collapsed lung, and so on, we are equipped and ready to go into surgery in a timely manner.

Close Monitoring.

After the emergency patient is stabilized, we offer overnight nursing care on-site, or if deemed appropriate, transport services to a local 24 hour facility.

Our award winning facility was specifically designed by Dr. Agostini to facilitate the emergency care of critical patients. Critical animals are under constant observation by our doctors and nursing staff throughout their stay.

If you have an emergency, simply call our regular phone number (949) 492-5777, tell the receptionist you have an emergency, and you will be directed to come right in for care. We are open from 8 am until 8 pm Monday through Friday and on the weekends from 8am to 6pm on Saturday and 8am to 4pm on Sunday in order to maximize our availability to the community.