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Dog Wellness Package

Dog Wellness Package

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Healthy dogs


Adult Dog.

Adult dogs should have an exam every year to detect internal, dental, and orthopedic problems early before treatment gets more complicated. Adult dogs can be vaccinated every 3 years for DA2PP (distemper-parvo), and Rabies.

Aging Dog.

Aging dogs tend to have more health problems and an annual examination is strongly encouraged.

Adult Dog Pricing.

61% discount applied to the regular pricing of the combined benefits below.


  • - a 20 to 30 minute comprehensive physical exam
  • - blood pressure screening
  • - chest x-ray
  • - abdominal ultrasound
  • - blood screening
  • - heartworm and fecal parasite test
  • - urinalysis

Those who participate in this program are entitled to a low cost Dental Prophy at 25% off normal pricing within 6 months of the wellness screening mentioned above.

When scheduled as a wellness procedure, the cost of this can be drastically reduced. Remember, early disease detection precludes critical care which is high cost.


Deciding The Best Program.

Does your dog travel with you? Does it go to play groups or doggie-day-care? Does your dog go hiking in the local hills with you? Or does he or she live a more home and yard lifestyle?
The answer to all of these questions will guide us into making the right wellness recommendations for your dog.

We Recommend.

If your dog travels out of our area, you may need to have him or her on heartworm prevention. This disease is spread by mosquitoes and has regional significance. It is not yet a threat to locals in San Clemente, but may be a risk only short distances away, such as the north county San Diego and Big Bear areas.
Since the advent of play groups, dog parks, and doggie-day-care infectious diseases are on the rise. Extra protection is advised for pets in these environments.

Common Risk Areas.

The local foothills are a fantastic area to hike and play with your dog but are a common site to acquire ticks and encounter rattlesnakes. Protection should be provided for these risk factors.

Snake Bites.

A snakebite is a severe condition requiring emergency care. Snake venom vaccine is advised and is available through us. The vaccine does not shield your dog completely from the effects of rattlesnake envenomation but can reduce the amount of antivenin (very costly product) that is needed to treat the emergency.

Tick Diseases.

Ticks can transmit infectious blood diseases. Prevention of bites is highly advised. We recommend the Preventic Collar as the BEST protection, or Vectra 3D a topical liquid spot-on product.

**We do not feel that Frontline or Advantix provide good enough protection and no longer advocate their use. Better products now exist.

Wellness Packages are only available to animals that have no symptoms. Sick or injured pets are not eligible for wellness testing. Standard laboratory and medical fees will apply under such circumstances.