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You as a consumer have what seems like a daunting task choosing what to feed your pet. We all know that a healthy diet is a great way to support our own good health. Many foods make fantastic claims to cure skin allergies, intestinal problems, and so on. These types of diets can be very costly for some households and deliver little or no benefit in return. If your pet is having symptoms, see our veterinarians for a diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is made, the correct treatment will be applied to the problem. This approach gives you the best chance of success.

Pet store personnel mean well when they give you nutrition advice about your pet.

However, good intentions don’t make one a good nutrition counsellor especially when disease symptoms are involved. A great example of this is when a pet has allergies. When you go the pet store, it is likely that you will be directed to purchase a rather expensive bag of “hypo-allergenic” food. You buy it, feed it to your pet for several months and don’t get results. You go back and try another food, again with the same outcome. Finally, out of frustration, you make an appointment to see one of our veterinarians. Odds are that your animal will be diagnosed and treated for the common causes, flea or pollen allergy (not food allergy because it is rare) and respond. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t see this scenario in our office.

As veterinarians who care about the outcome of their recommendations, we have teamed up with two companies that produce tangible results with their products in our patient population:

Hill’s Prescription Diets
are available for a wide variety of health problems such as kidney or liver disease, intestinal upset, obesity, diabetes, urinary tract problems, and allergies (most allergies are NOT food related-see our section on ALLERGY under the SERVICES heading on our home page, for more on this). These products are “tried and true” and nearly all patients will respond to these special formulas. Additionally, we have the experience and knowledge to direct you to other niche’ products that are on the market that can work for your pet. Our expert advice can prevent you from going through a lengthy trial and error process.

Primal Pet Foods
is our other line of recommended foods. This line is not at all main-stream in any way. This is a raw food product line. They have both frozen and freeze dried products which have helped many a distressed pet recover from chronic diarrhea and vomiting problems typically related to diet hypersensitivity or allergy. They also have a variety of novel meat protein sources for special food trial purposes. This line is truly “grain-free”. Cross-contamination is prevented by the company having its’ own production facilities. All products are manufactured up to human health standards which makes it the “safe” raw choice. (Not all raw foods are alike. We discourage bargain shopping for raw food and especially discourage home production of raw food for your pet.

We have done our homework and want to share our knowledge with you.