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State of the art diagnostics view

Superior veterinarian imaging technology machines

State of the art diagnostics second view


At San Clemente Veterinary Hospital we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest level of health care you can find anywhere. Our level of dedication is unmatched.

Team Effort.

We utilize a team approach and have the education, equipment, support staff, and experience to provide your pet with a rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Advanced Technology.

We have our own STAT laboratory which can run complex blood and pathology screening test on site within minutes or hours of arrival.

We have a state-of-the art digital radiography system as well as the ability to perform on-site CT scanning. These systems are linked via the internet to board-certified radiologists when second opinion interpretation is required.

Additionally, ultrasound imaging and endoscopic procedures can be performed to completely assess the complex patient.

When appropriate and necessary, internal medicine specialists will come to our facility and perform specialized procedures that are not routine for our doctors.

Cutting-Edge Care.

Once an accurate diagnosis is made, the cost, treatment plan, and prognosis can be determined.
Dr. Agostini has been a member of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society since its inception in the mid 1980's.

This invaluable educational affiliation provides us with the ability to deliver top notch cutting-edge care.
His experience and knowledge allows him to orchestrate the patient management to minimize cost and assure maximal outcomes.

If your pet requires surgery, be assured that we have the advanced training thru UC Davis and post-graduate instruction along with years of experience. Our surgical facilities are impeccable. We can stipulate that our success rate is very high and our complication rate very low. If a surgical specialist is warranted or required they will come to our facility to assist in your pet's care.

In rare occasions, we will find it necessary to refer you to a regional medical center for 24 hour care and can guide you in the decision process.


You can trust us to keep you informed about your pets’ recovery progress and costs while he or she is under our care.