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Dental Care

Dental care

Dog's teeth

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If your pet smells around the head area or has horrible breath, there is likely a severe dental problem is underway.

Wellness Care.

Wellness dental care is probably the most overlooked health problem of pets.

We as humans brush our teeth and floss daily. We go to the dentist twice a year to prevent and repair tooth problems.

Most pets don't have the benefit of dental care until they have an oral abscess or they can't eat. Many owners present their pet for care when they can't stand the smell any longer. Would you let your mouth get that bad before going to the dentist??


There is no substitute for a doctor supervised dental prophy performed under anesthesia. It provides tremendous benefit to your pets overall wellness and quality of life at minimal risk.

Many pet owners fear anesthesia involved in small animal dentistry. Our anesthetic safety record is exemplary for our industry. Modern drugs, monitoring equipment, and trained nurses and doctors provide your pet with optimum safety. Human hospitals use the same drugs that we do.


We have countless success stories from owners who are shocked to see that their middle aged pet "runs around like a puppy again" or state that their cat "isn't grumpy anymore and plays with his toys again". These results occurred after that painful tooth was removed or the infection cured.


Any animal that gets routine wellness exams is screened by the doctor for dental disease. Procedures will be recommended when appropriate.

Oral Health Tip.

Once your pets' mouth is healed we can train you to brush its' teeth. This is typically overlooked, and it is the #1 best way to maintain oral health in a pet. It is best done daily to maximize the effect and takes only a minute or two.

**Awake teeth cleaning is a sub-standard and often illegal practice carried out by untrained and unlicensed individuals. This is why you see them advertising at groom shops and pet stores. The D.A. could, but chooses to not prosecute these false practitioners. Buyer beware.