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Our Promise.

We all know how much you love your pet. We also know how much they miss you when you go away. Put your mind at ease by boarding your pet in an environment that emphasizes safety and cleanliness. Know that your pet will be observed by caring staff, in a clean, warm, loving, and fun environment.

Safe Monitoring.

All pets are observed daily by our nursing staff and those with special needs can be accommodated by our full-service hospital. Medical problems that arise will be recognized early and be promptly attended to. We make every effort to contact you before anything is done so that you are kept in-the-loop.

Pets love staying with us. Many of them pull their owners through the front door! Because of this, we have a waiting list for holidays and busy travel weekends.


Cats are given a morning wake up scratch, fresh food and water, and a fresh litter pan. Bird watching and fresh food and litter on demand (It doesn't get any better than this!)
All cats are even given complimentary flea control (Capstar) upon entry and departure.

10% discount applied to all stays over 10 days.
Additional discounts may be available for longer stays.


Dogs have our roof deck to romp and chase a ball or soak up a little sun. We do not co-mingle dogs so that fights and injuries are prevented.

  • Morning - walk and playtime with our animal caretaker, and breakfast
  • Noon - another walk or playtime on the roof deck
  • Night - Dinner is served and another walk is given before bedtime

All dogs are given complimentary flea control (Capstar) upon entry and departure.
All dogs are given a complimentary bath before departure.

10% discount applied to all stays over 10 days.
Additional discounts are available for longer stays.


  • - Caring and compassionate doctors and nursing staff
  • - State-of-the-art medical and surgical facility
  • - Strict health requirements and flea control insure your pet's protection from disease and parasites
  • - Lower infectious disease rates than the typical kennel.
  • - Temperature controlled
  • - Security system with fire safe sprinkler system
  • - Huge ocean view, rooftop, play-deck
  • - Natural lighting from windows and skylights
  • - View room for cats
  • - High quality diets and tummy upset treatment at no extra charge
  • - One-on-one play time with their caretaker
  • - Free Bath and flea control before departure (baths are given only to dogs - cats dislike baths)



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